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Refresh your entire IT estate with a leasing option from InnoVent and access today, the future technologies that will shape your business tomorrow.

Asset Leasing

At InnoVent, we offer “pay-for-use” leasing solutions to companies and institutions alike to help them finance and purchase the technology they need to run their business efficiently.


Unlike conventional financing, we offer subsidised finance. Meaning, you will get full usage of the equipment over the leasing term without having to pay the full purchase price.

For example:
If equipment costs R10 000, InnoVent could invest a 15% residual and you only pay R8 500 in present value terms to use the equipment for an agreed term.

Our rates also come in below traditional financing options and we offer repayments for up to 36 months, matching the useful life of the equipment with the relevant leasing period.

Asset Management

Our unique leasing offering, coupled with a complete asset management solution, places us in a position to effectively manage your assets during your entire leasing period with us from inception, through to the end of the asset’s useful life in your environment.

We have processes and systems in place and a dedicated team of professionals that will assist you and empower you with the capability to manage your assets and contracts.

Our package includes:


  • Online Reporting Tools

  • Asset Tracking System 

  • An Asset Manager

  • Comprehensive Insurance & Warranties 


All practical value added services that enhance the efficiency of your assets.

Asset Upgrade

Technology assets typically have a short life span and there will come a time when the equipment will stop working at its optimal potential and will have little or no resale value at the end of its useful life.

At InnoVent, at the expiry of your leasing contract with us, we have a complete asset refresh program that will assist you to move on to the next technology cycle. 


Whether you want to refresh with brand new equipment, return your old assets or extend your current leasing contract with us, we can provide you with the required assistance to ensure that your investment is maximised.

We have also developed the capability to re-market used assets through our re-marketing division, Qrent. This provides you with a viable solution to dispose your assets when they have reached their useful life.



At InnoVent, we’ve come up with a turnkey solution to finance and manage a spectrum of standard and specialised equipment that you will need to run your business effectively.


Our end to end solution will see your assets through their entire asset life cycle from procurement, to maintaining your assets while they are in your environment, and the eventual disposal of those assets, with flexible replacement options.

Unlike conventional financing, InnoVent offers subsidised finance. That means that you only pay for a portion of the equipment for the duration that you use it.

In doing this, your leasing costs reduce significantly resulting in a lower cost of finance that compares favourably to traditional forms of finance.

In addition, InnoVent’s asset management solution assists organisations with the management of their assets during the duration of the lease and our reverse logistics process eliminates the hassles of storing and disposing obsolete assets.

InnoVent Rental and Asset Management Solutions is a specialised IT leasing solutions provider with a Level 1 BEE rating.



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5 Reasons

Why You Should Lease


Preserve cash flow

Businesses often find that they have to stretch their budgets over a multitude of operating costs such as staff, training, office space rentals, advertising etc. Leasing is a really good way to save cash and redirect it to other areas in your business.


Enjoy a fixed interest rate instead of a floating rate

Unlike a bank loan where repayments and interest rates fluctuate, leasing equipment gives you a fixed rate for the term of the lease. You pay nothing upfront and with predetermined monthly payments, you can budget better.


Keep your equipment up to date

Leasing ensures that you always have the best equipment, be it desktops, laptops or other hardware without running the risk of investing fortunes in machines that will become obsolete in a few years. At the end of the leasing contract, you  can keep pace with technology and upgrade to the latest models.


Reduced downtime

Sweating assets might save capital or reduce cash demands, but support costs and failure rates are inevitable. As equipment ages, internal components progressively wear out, leading to slower performance. Productivity suffers, and maintenance costs rise. If you are on a lease, you will have the opportunity to trade in the slow and outdated equipment..


Asset disposal

When you own assets, the burden to recycle or dispose of the equipment once it eventually becomes obsolete rests with you. With leasing, however, this hassle is taken out of your hands and falls solely on the leasing company. It’s their responsibility to take care of it, not yours.


As the world moves towards technology driven solutions, an organisations readiness to the digitised economy depends on the hardware they have today. By investing in technology, organisations will be investing in growth, improving operations and empowering employees to keep up, and get ahead in a fast-paced world.


However, the real decision often isn’t which piece of equipment is best suited for your needs, but rather how this device will be acquired. With the current economic climate which is characterised by low growth rates, high inflation and a weakening currency, most organisations find themselves in a predicament. Should your organization buy its office technology or get a business loan?


Leasing is a third viable alternative whether you cash rich or follow a conservative capital expenditure model. With a lease, an organisation can get access to the equipment and tools it needs without the burden of the full, up-front cost.


Initial costs are much lower in comparison to buying the equipment outright. Payments will also be predetermined and fixed, making it easy to balance budgets. When paired with an asset management component, leasing also assists with the essential facilitation of lifecycle management practices.

While the pull of owning equipment is often strong, equipment depreciates in value as it ages and will eventually become obsolete. The resale value significantly drops and you will likely have to sell them at a much lower price than what you paid to acquire them. Equipment leasing employs strategies to ensure the most productivity is gained from the equipment and when its time to upgrade, equipment is always kept up to date.

We've also come up with a really innovative way to lease and manage other standard and specialised equipment which include:

Yellow Metal |

Medical Equipment |

& Other moveable assets 

Motor Vehicles |


Corporate Social Responsibility

Four percent (4%) of InnoVent’s shareholding is owned by a Trust (Section 21 company) that focuses on financing talented students and assisting them to secure jobs in the market place after graduation.

We are also actively involved in providing refurbished IT equipment to some of South Africa's impoverished schools, children's homes, learning centres or non-profit organisations, working towards closing the digital divide and empowering our nation to be equipped with modern technologies.

It’s not all about InnoVent, we pride ourselves on being an involved member of the communities in which we operate and on our good corporate citizenship, with a conscience.



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