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Acquire: Asset Leasing

Every organisation needs technology that they can rely on! The cost of constantly upgrading to stay at the cusp of technology or to meet increasing demands can be a burden for any enterprise.

At InnoVent, we can help you acquire the equipment you need to meet your growth objectives at reduced rates! Our operating lease model provides organisations with a cost-effective alternative to asset procurement without worrying about the hefty capital expenses.

No Large Capital Outlay

When you purchase IT equipment, there is a huge capital outlay required upfront. With a lease, we can alleviate this financial pressure organisations are under by spreading the investment evenly over the lease contract. 

Cost Savings

Unlike conventional financing with high-interest rates, we can reduce the cost of IT equipment through our pay-for-use structure with an upfront buyback value to lower the cost of financing.


Combined with our asset management solutions and rates below prime, this reduces the total cost of ownership - equating to up to 30% auditable savings.​

Preserve Cash Flow

With no CAPEX investment required upfront, our solution helps organisations preserve their cash flow and working capital and redirect it to other areas of the business where it can be utilised to grow or expand business operations.

Sustainable Procurement

With our services, IT can play a part towards your sustainability goals.

We can help you finance and manage your IT assets in their 'first life'. When the lease agreement is over, we give those leased assets a 'second life' by refurbishing and re-marketing those assets securely and sustainably - promoting the circular economy.

Benefits of leasing:

  • Access to the latest and greatest equipment, which might be too expensive to buy outright

  • Maintain regular technology upgrades

  • Scalability - its easier and more affordable to meet expansion needs or to accommodate new users.

  • Below prime cost of financing (Asset and Term dependent) 

  • Cheaper than using own cash or traditional financing

  • Cash is preserved and redirected towards core activities

  • Adoption of the circular economy

  • Off balance sheet finance

  • Flexible payment options

Working in Cafe

Examples of assets you can lease:

PCs (Laptops & Desktops)

Networking Equipment


Printers and MFD's


Telephony Equipment 

How it works:

Independently source the type of assets you want from your preferred supplier.


Our leasing consultants will work with you on the evaluation and qualification process

Upon approval of your application, your supplier will invoice InnoVent.


InnoVent will buy your chosen assets from your chosen supplier and settle them in full.

Your supplier will deliver the equipment to you directly.

On confirmation that you have received the equipment you will sign a leasing agreement with InnoVent.

The leasing term will begin and you will make payments to InnoVent over the agreed contract term

On expiry of the leasing agreement, our team will collect the equipment from your premises.


You can then move to your next technology refresh cycle and lease new equipment as required.

PLEASE NOTE: InnoVent does not lease to private individuals. If you are looking for a leasing solution as a private individual, you must be a director, owner or partner of a business that has been in operation for over three years.

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