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IT Asset Disposal


As companies procure, lease or upgrade their IT assets such as laptops, desktops, servers or mobile devices, the lack of or ineffective disposal policies can create a large amount of e-waste, storage overflow and space constraints.


When it comes to the end of life stage, confidential data stored on these devices needs to be safely removed and wiped off to avoid a data breach.


Replacing and updating your company’s technology is simple but disposing of this equipment without contributing to environmental hazards, while also protecting your data, requires a more complex strategy.


At InnoVent, we offer a solution that provides secure data sanitisation and disposal of outdated assets from data centers, servers, and storage through to PCs, PC components and monitors.

Our process entails:

  • Decommissioning of Assets: Uninstalling and removing assets from the network as well as entering them into a database that enables assets to be tracked throughout the ITAD process.

  • Reverse Logistics: All equipment can be collected and transferred to our secure facility for data sanitisation, refurbishment, remarketing and recycling.

  • Data destruction and sanitisation: Our process utilises Blancco’s certified software to ensure that all data contained within is rendered completely irretrievable. This can be performed either at your premises or at our secure facility.

  • Disposal and recycling: All devices unsuitable for re-use are disposed in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. Our processes comply with all e-waste regulations and provides e-waste disposal certificates for all disposed assets.


With our partnership with the industry leader in data erasure and mobile device diagnostics, we can provide your organisation with an environmentally safe and responsible way to dispose your IT hardware.

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