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Manage: Asset Management

To ensure that the focus remains on running and growing the business and not on worrying about the day to day management of your leased assets, we have efficient lifecycle management tools that will assist with the administration of your assets while they are in your environment.

We have processes and systems in place and a dedicated team of professionals that will assist you and empower you with the capability to manage your assets and contracts.

Online Reporting

Our interactive, online portal provides our clients with the ability to view and manage their leased assets and contract information such as rental schedules, full asset lists, serial numbers, cost centre billing and reporting.

Asset Manager

We can allocate a dedicated Asset Manager who will assist in the tracking and management of your IT assets.

Asset Tracking Software

We offer our clients an IT asset tracking solution that can track, audit, and monitor their leased or owned IT hardware and software. Once installed, it gathers a comprehensive and accurate list of asset information that will be presented on a customised dashboard.

Insurance and Warranty

We offer excess free and comprehensive cover against theft, fire and damage. 

Benefits of our asset management software:

  • Track the location of your assets, monitor the condition and performance of assets and run custom reports

  • Identify which computers and devices are allocated to each staff member.

  • Manage your PC’s and servers throughout their hardware lifecycle from procurement to disposal.

  • Gain control over the physical, financial, and contractual information about your IT assets

  • Powerful dashboard - information is centralised and accessed in one location

  • Real-time updates

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