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Refresh: Asset Refresh

What happens when the lease is over? Well, forget the headaches associated with the end of lease process. Our effective reverse logistics process eliminates the hassles of storing and disposing of obsolete equipment by making it easy to return the leased assets

With our built-in refresh strategy, we can help you move to your next technology cycle, to improve business processes and efficiencies.

Easy Returns

Our dedicated team of professionals will handle the collection or disposal of any redundant assets.

Upgrade Options

Our built-in refresh strategy will seamlessly move you onto your new equipment cycle.

Data Sanitisation

Our certified data destruction process complies with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We can repurpose your leased assets through our refurbished divisionThis is a sustainable solution that gives assets a second life when they have reached their useful life in your environment.

Benefits of our refresh program:

  • Maintain regular technology upgrades

  • In-house reverse logistics

  • Eco-friendly disposal of assets

  • Software erasure

  • Certified data wiping

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