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 Examples of equipment you can lease: 
 Networking Equipment 
 Printers and MFD's 
 Telephony Equipment 

Asset Leasing

Every organisation needs equipment that they can rely on! The cost of constantly upgrading equipment to meet increasing demands can be a burden for any enterprise!

At InnoVent, we can help you access the equipment you need to meet your growth objectives! Our operating lease model provides organisations with a cost-effective alternative to asset procurement without the burden of ownership.

InnoVent offers a pay-for-use structure with a residual value based investment upfront to lower the cost of financing. 

Our solution helps organisations preserve their working capital and redirect their cash reserves to core business activities that can help generate profits.


Unlike conventional financing, we offer subsidised finance. Meaning, you will get full usage of the equipment over the leasing term without having to pay the full purchase price.

With no CAPEX investment required upfront and fixed payments spread evenly throughout the lease contract, we can alleviate the financial pressures organisations are under to increase profitability by reducing their equipment costs.

Our rates also come in below traditional financing options and we offer repayments for up to 36 months, matching the useful life of the equipment with the relevant leasing period.


Benefits of leasing:

  • Access to the latest and greatest equipment, which might be too expensive to buy outright

  • Maintain regular technology upgrades

  • Scalability - its easier and more affordable to meet expansion needs or to accommodate new users.

  • Below prime cost of financing (Asset and Term dependent)

  • Cheaper than using own cash or traditional financing

  • Cash is preserved and redirected towards core activities

  • Off balance sheet finance

  • Flexible payment options

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