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Position Details

Job Purpose

Key Responsibilities


Position Title: IT Systems Analyst

Reports To: IT Manager

Department: Information Technology


The Systems Analyst is responsible for maintaining and improving application systems for the organisation and its stakeholders. 


The Systems Analyst will:

  • Conduct an analysis to understand the system needs of the organisation

  • Test, maintain, and monitor computer programs and systems, including coordinating the installation of computer programs and systems

  • Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning

  • Expand or modify systems to serve new purposes or improve workflow

  • Train staff and users to work with computer systems and programs

  • Coordinate and link the computer systems within the InnoVent group to increase compatibility so that information can be shared

  • Assess the usefulness of pre-developed application packages and adapt them to a user environment

  • Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer-related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems

  • Use object-oriented programming languages, as well as client and server applications development processes and multimedia and Internet technology

  • Determine computer software or hardware needed to set up or alter the system

  • Prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to aid in decisions on system implementation

  • Recommend new equipment or software packages

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Upper Grayston Office Park

Block D, 2nd Floor

152 Ann Crescent, Strathavon

Sandton, Johannesburg 

+27 (0)11 884 8274

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