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6 Advantage of Leasing Laptops For Your Business

In a world that is increasingly driven by business tech, digital-savvy organisations that invest in the latest hardware often have the cutting edge over their competitors. Getting the right laptops for your business requirements contributes to optimising operations and enabling growth. It also supports employee empowerment. This is because having the latest ‘tools’ for the job helps to create a future-fit team that is able to adapt as technology evolves.

Unfortunately, realising the business benefits of purchasing shiny new laptops often comes with a hefty price tag. This is not ideal given the challenging economic climate that we currently find ourselves in. So, before you splash out, consider the following advantages of leasing laptops instead:

Preserve cash flow

Companies often have to stretch their budgets to cover multiple operating costs. These include salaries and bonuses; training and skills development; office space rentals; advertising; and the associated costs of business travel among other things. Laptop hire is a great way to reduce capital expenditure so that you can use the cash in other areas of your business or, better yet, save it towards your profit!

Increase your bottom line

Leasing laptops is a viable alternative, whether you are cash rich or follow a conservative capital expenditure model. With a lease, you can get access to the equipment and tools your business needs without the burden of the full, up-front cost.

It also helps to find a service provider that will invest a residual value in your equipment. This will reduce your leasing costs significantly, resulting in a lower cost of finance. Ultimately, laptop hire reduces the total cost of ownership – meaning real long-term savings for your business.

Take comfort in a fixed interest rate instead of a floating rate

Unlike a bank loan where repayments and interest rates fluctuate, leasing laptops instead of buying them outright means you can enjoy a fixed rate for the term of the lease. You don’t have to pay anything upfront and, with predetermined payments, you can budget better.

Keep pace with business and technology

Laptops, much like most vehicles, are depreciating assets. Leasing ensures that you always have the best equipment – be it desktops, laptops or other hardware – without running the risk of investing a fortune in machines that will become obsolete in a few years. And the best part? At the end of the leasing contract, you can upgrade to the latest models.

Reduced downtime

Sweating assets might save capital or reduce cash demands, but support costs and failure rates are inevitable. As equipment ages, internal components start to deteriorate, leading to slower performance. Staff productivity may start to decline while the costs of maintaining your assets increase. With laptop hire, being on a lease means you can trade in slow and outdated equipment quickly without wasting valuable time that could result in the loss of revenue for your business.

Asset disposal

When you own assets, the burden to recycle or dispose of the equipment once it eventually becomes obsolete rests with you. With leasing, however, this hassle is taken out of your hands and falls solely on the leasing company. It’s their responsibility to take care of it, not yours.

InnoVent provides cost effective and sustainable asset leasing solutions. We also help companies and institutions finance and purchase the technology they need to run their business efficiently and keep their IT equipment up to date. Get in touch to find out more.


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