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We offer cost effective and sustainable leasing solutions to companies and institutions alike to help them finance and purchase the technology they need to run their business efficiently and keep their IT equipment up to date.

Our Complete Lifecycle Management Approach



Asset Leasing

Subsidised Finance

(IFRS off balance sheet)

Rates below prime



Asset Management

Asset Tracking, Asset Manager, Online Reporting Tools, Comprehensive Insurance & Warranties



Asset Refresh

Reverse logistics at refresh and upgrade points.



Asset Disposal

Certified data cleansing and disposal of redundant equipment

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Sustainable IT - a new way forward

The old “produce, use and discard” philosophy is changing, and we are starting to see organisations move away from this linear approach to a more sustainable solution to “produce, use, reuse and recycle” equipment.

With our services, IT can contribute to achieving your sustainability goals. Access to equipment vs. ownership promotes a business model that focuses on using equipment during its useful life in your environment and when that period is over, it can be returned and utilised again.

This practices can help organisations switch from a linear consumption model to a circular one.

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Are you ready for the Circular Economy?

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Refresh your entire IT estate with a leasing option from InnoVent and access today, the future technologies that will shape your business tomorrow.

Reduce the total cost of ownership

At InnoVent, we offer “pay-for-use” leasing solutions to companies and institutions alike to help them finance and purchase the technology they need to run their business efficiently.

Unlike conventional financing, InnoVent offers subsidised finance. That means that you only pay for a portion of the equipment for the duration that you use it.

In doing this, your leasing costs reduce significantly resulting in a lower cost of finance that compares favourably to traditional forms of finance.



We offer complete lifecycle management solutions

Our unique leasing offering, coupled with a complete asset management solution, places us in a position to effectively manage your IT assets during your entire leasing period with us from inception through to the end of the asset’s useful life in your environment.

We have processes and systems in place and a dedicated team of professionals that will assist you and empower you with the capability to manage your assets and contracts.

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When it's time to upgrade, you can return equipment with ease

IT assets typically have a short life span and there will come a time when the equipment will stop working at its optimal potential and will have little or no resale value at the end of its useful life.

At InnoVent, at the expiry of your leasing contract with us, we have a complete asset refresh program that will assist you to move on to the next technology cycle. 


Whether you want to refresh with brand new equipment, return your old assets or extend your current leasing contract with us, we can provide you with the required assistance to ensure that your investment is maximised.​

Other Services




Audit, track and monitor all your IT assets across the business units in your organisation.

Short Term Rentals

We can provide you with the option to hire the IT equipment that you need, when you need it, for the period you need it for.


Equipment Sales

We have come up with a cost-effective solution to provide you with high quality, certified, refurbished equipment to meet your needs.

IT Asset Disposal


We can provide your organisation with an environmentally safe and responsible way to dispose your IT hardware.

We've also come up with an innovative way to lease and manage other standard and specialised equipment which include:

Yellow Metal |

Medical Equipment |

Motor Vehicles |

Other Specialised Assets 

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