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Sustainable IT

Sustainability is not a buzzword anymore. It is a new way of life that we need to adopt to curb climate change.


According to the UN Global E-Waste Monitor, global e-waste will reach 74 Mt by 2030, almost double the 2014 figure, fueled by higher electric and electronic consumption rates, shorter lifecycles, and limited repair options.

Now is the time for organisations to become more sustainable for today and future generations.


At InnoVent, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals through your IT.


Leasing your IT or using a refurbished IT solution will keep your equipment in use for longer, reducing the carbon footprint produced by electronic products.

To discuss our leasing solution in more detail, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for a leasing solution as a private individual, you must be a director, owner or partner of a business that has been in operation for over three years

Thank you!

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